Create the ultimate connected barn experience

If they could, your clients would love to spend every waking moment at your barn. mystride provides solutions to keep clients connected to their horse and barn life while helping you stay organized delivering boarder services.

Barn BoardBarn Board is running
Rugged 12” touchscreen with our intelligent stall management system. Patent pending.
Rear wide angle camera for live streaming the horse stall on the mystride mobile app.
Status Light3
Colored changing carrot logo providers horse status updates at a glance from the barn isle.
Stall Mounts4
Integrated “horse safe” brackets to mount on stall bars or welded wire panels.
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Connect boarders with their horses, anywhere & anytime

The mystride BarnBoard is integrated with BarnView™ - a live video stream of each horse accessible on the mystride app.

  • Keep tabs on the safety, security and health of horses in your barn.
  • Give your boarders peace of mind.
  • Customizable access to each horses video stream.

Manage right from the horse stall

The mystride BarnBoard® is a rugged touchscreen mounted on each horse stall.

  • Quickly log all your boarder services at the time of delivery.
  • View horse activity history and simple health report.
  • Automatically notify horse owners every time a note or service is added.

Bring your barn community together

mystride includes our BarnFamily® feature - a community network integrated into the mystride app.

  • Boarders can quickly contact and update one another
  • Post and share updates and information about your facility, events, clinics and more
  • Keep you and your boarders barn life organized in one place

BarnBoard Pre-sale

Shipping spring 2021

  • BarnBoard
    x 1
  • Power & network cable
    x 1
  • Power supply
    x 1
  • Software service $3501
    3 yrs
  • Warranty
    1 yr
  • 1$9.99/month after
  • *Pre-order pricing limited to 10 BarnBoards per barn.
$799(40% off)

About us

What is mystride?

mystride is a technology company that creates hardware and software to help equestrian barn communities run and connect.

Who is mystride for?

mystride is built for any equestrian barn that boards and cares for horses.


How does the BarnFamily work?

Each barn has their own community space on mystride called the BarnFamily. Equestrians who join a BarnFamily are automatically part of that community space. Similar to the how NextDoor connects neighborhoods, mystride connects barns.

How does the BarnBoard work?

Each horse stall is equipped with a single BarnBoard displaying a profile of the horse in that stall. The BarnBoard shows a log of the horses past actives and action buttons to quickly log new activities (feed, stall clean, turn out, bath, groom, ride, etc.). Once the BarnBoard is installed, activity notifications and live video stream are available to the horse owner(s) through the mystride mobile app.

Do I have to buy a BarnBoard to use the BarnFamily feature?

No. Any barn can join mystride and create a BarnFamily for free. When you are ready to add BarnBoards they will seamlessly integrate with the barn profile you have already setup.

Who can see the live video feed of a horse?

The live video feed is viewable on the mystride app by the horse owner(s) and barn staff only.

What if horses share a stall?

Unlimited horse profiles can be assigned to a BarnBoard with the ability to select which horse is currently occupying the stall.

How does the BarnBoard get installed?

The BarnBoard is a rugged touchscreen with mounts that clamp onto the stall bars. The clamps are smooth and round to prevent hurting the horse and are universally positioned to accommodate 1", 2" and 3" stall bar spacing. Optional mounting straps are included for stalls with welded wire fence.

How does the BarnBoard get connected?

The BarnBoard includes a single 100ft armored cable that provides power and internet connection to the BarnBoard. One end plugs into the BarnBoard and the other end plugs into the mystride hub. Each mystride hub can support up to 48 BarnBoard's. Multiple hubs may be combined for large barns. Longer cables up to 300ft are also available for large barns.

Does my barn need internet access?

Yes. The mystride hub will require internet access. It is recommended to place the mystride hub next to your internet modem and in a secure place like the office or tack room.

What is the warranty on the BarnBoard?

The BarnBoard warranty is for one year after the delivery date. An extended warranty is available for up to three years.

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